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INSIG - Is a organisation that produces Christian educational and training programs. We at Infra-media helped them with all their branding and makteting needs. From Logo and graphic design to the management of their social media.
We also do the recording, editing and uploading of their weekly content and managing their social media presence with posts on their Facebook page. We also host and manage their webpage and keeping it up to date.
NC4x4Caping header
Northern Cape 4x4 and Camping 
This group was created for adventure-loving individuals in the Northern Cape, to share what they love and join in on the adventure. It was also created to show all the awesome locations in the NC other than the usual spots like Kalagadi National park. WHAT CAN YOU SHARE: 
1. What you drive. 
2. Locations you have visited or want to visit. 
3. Ask for advice on fixes, modifications, and hacks 
4. Also share your fixed, mods, and hacks. 
5. Sell used equipment. 
6. Advertise your track, camping spot, or epic location to visit. 
Please invite your friends and join in on the conversation. Share your adventure. JOIN OUR INSTAGRAM @NC4X4CAMPING 
Ps. Stickers will be available in the week! More info to come soon! 
CONTACT INFO: nc4x4camping@gmail.com
Kaart en kompas - kanaal voorblad3
Wat ons bied: - 
Daaglikse leersentrum vir Grade 4 tot 9. 
- Curriculum - CAPS gebasseerde tuisonderrig stelsel (kontak ons vir verdere besonderhede.) 
- Individuele aandag sowels as ‘n rustige atmosfeer vir u kind om in te studeer.
 - Kompas Tutor & Berading sentrum is ‘n divisie van Kompas Pastorale Bedieninge en voorsien berading & lewens-leiding as addisionele dienste.
Brain Power Seminars
In this comprehensive and inspiring seminar, Arnold & Pierre Neuhoff will help you understand and unleash your innate Brain Power. It is an absolute must for everyone who wishes to live an overall more meaningful and balanced life. 
We manage all their social media nd webpage needs.