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Survive a Pandemic

With the Surviving a Pandemic weekend presentations we will look at ways and means of how you can survive the covid-19 pandemic by boosting your immune system and live your full potential. We have a number of specialists in this area that includes medical doctors and lifestyle couches that will show us practically how.

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Brain Power Webinar

In this comprehensive and inspiring seminar, Arnold Neuhoff will help you understand and unleash your innate Brain Power. It is an absolute must for everyone who wishes to live an overall more meaningful and balanced life.  If you want to rise above the ordinary this is the seminar that will provided you with the tools to help you make it happen.  

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Budget Overlanding

In this series we looked at buying a second hand vechile, the things to look out for and the pitfalls assosiated with it. We then move to trhe exciting kitting out the vechile to suite our needs to go overlanding and touring. Visiting remote places of South Africa. 

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